Sunday, January 4, 2009

T-minus 36 hours and counting

I'm leaving from Nashville International Airport at about 12:30 CST on MONDAY, then connecting to Newark, NJ and then I catch a looooong 9 hour flight to Manchester. As a result, my room looks as if a tornado blew threw and my suitcase vomited in the process (pretty picture, I know). I feel pretty good that I can get all of my clothes and such in one suitcase and a backpack-- I just wish someone would do it for me!

I've been trying to make the rounds through Hopkinsville this weekend and get all of the local fare that I can. I had El Bracero's with Bonnie on Monday, this morning Mom and I went to Whistle Stop Donuts (they're new and quite good!), and then we had Jerry's BBQ Shack for lunch. Tomorrow's destination: Ferrell's.

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