Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Weekend Trip!

Several of my new found friends are planning a weekend trip to Edinburgh, Scotland this weekend (how many people can say they're going to Scotland for the weekend? Not many, I'd wager.). I will, of course, take lots of pictures!

The people I've met over here are from EVERYWHERE...California, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and Jamaica, to name a few. We have a good time together (well, some more than others, lol).

Classes started this week (boo!). I've switched around exactly what I'm doing...some of the biology classes I was going to take turned out to be horrific, so I said, "see ya!" Now I'm taking Victorian Literature (I actually get to write papers! No lab reports for that one! WIN!), International Relations (Obviously, this should be from a British perspective, should be interesting), Issues in Sustainability (the Brits love their sustainable farms-- this should help with my AEC 580 Independent Project [long story...]), and Microbes in Action (the professor is a complete hoot. I'm going to have fun with microbes!).

So, anyway, pictures to come after I come back from the heather covered moors of my homeland!

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