Monday, December 8, 2008

Tickets, Visas, etc.

Less than a month from now, I'll be in England! I've got my ticket (change of plans: I'm flying in to Manchester-- a two week BritRail pass is crazy expensive. I'll totally tour the countryside at some point and look for Hogwarts. They can't hide from me!), my passport, I'm working on my Student Visitor Visa, and my International Student ID card. Going overseas is a lot of paperwork it seems.

In unrelated news, I made some Christmas presents yesterday! Vanilla beans + vodka + cool bottle + 3 weeks = great present for your favorite cook. And it smells delightful. :o)

Friday, December 5, 2008

...And I'm Off!!

Starting to get my housing stuff in order, and looking at plane tickets. Looks like the easiest (not to mention most fun) way to get to Preston will be to fly into Heathrow and take BritRail to Preston. Lots of scenery and lots of down time. Perhaps it will be similar to the Hogwarts Express. Mmmm, pumpkin juice and cauldron cakes.

Anyway, everything is falling in to place it seems!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Underway!

Hello all! I'm finishing up the long, arduous application process for next semester at University of Central Lancashire (we just call it UCLan for short). I've nailed down exactly what I'm studying over there-- something in the neighborhood of International Relations, specifically Latin America. The goal is to come back to the good ole' University of Kentucky with a minor in International Studies. Here is some information about Preston, UCLan, and the surrounding area if anyone is interested. It's midway between London and Glasgow (Scotland), so rather convenient for all the traveling I'll (hopefully) be doing!,_England