Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flat Stanley!

I got in contact with my first grade teacher before I left in January, and told her I'd love to do a Flat Stanley project with a class at her school (she doesn't teach anymore, she's a curriculum specialist). For those of you who don't know, Flat Stanley is a children's book about a boy who gets flattened when a bulletin board falls on him. His parents don't know what to do with him, so they put him in an envelope and send him around the world. He sends postcards and letters from all his travels. When I was in first grade, we each made a Flat Stanley and sent him to our family and friends around the country. Aunt Gail got mine and she did a great trip to New York City and London, as I recall. The great thing is, I get to be Flat Stanley's travel companion this time. Ms. Tribble's class at MLK Elementary School (Ms. Adam's daughter is in the class) sent Flat Stanley off this past Friday, so I should be getting him sometime this week. I've told my friends about him (a lot of them never heard of him! Shocking!) and I think they're just as excited as I am. Carly is going on a trip to Hungary with one of her friends from home and she has requested custody of Flat Stanley that weekend, haha. I'm hoping to get him in time to go York on our Viking adventure. I'm also planning to keep a separate blog for Flat Stanley's adventures ( so everyone, especially Ms. Tribble's class, can keep up with Flat Stanley. I'm going to try to do a scrapbook (or an iPhoto book, something) at the end.

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